Make DevOps

We love DevOps and Automation.
We work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible solutions.

About Us

We enjoy building great software that people want to use. This means putting the customer first, getting them involved from inception, and creating fast feedback loops.

At Make DevOps, we believe in both breadth and depth of experience, so we continually look for opportunities to learn. And the best way, we find, to do that is by talking to people.

Whatever we help you with, whether it’s DevOps or Cloud Architecture, we will always give you smart, enthusiastic people who are highly competent programmers. They will strive to use best practices and agile software development processes to deliver the best outcome for your business needs.


Our Values

  • Put the Customer First

Our first priority is to give the customer what they want - good service, working software, which does what it should.

  • Do the Right Thing

Sometimes problems arise; we can only fix them when we’re open to change. We strive to be the best we can be, and when things go wrong, we are committed to putting them right.

  • Continuously Improve

The pace of innovation is high, and keeping abreast of change can be difficult, but we’re up for the challenge. We like to learn and stay at the cutting edge of tools and processes, so that the software we deliver is always of the highest standard.

Our Services

We offer services to help you meet your business objectives faster. Whether it is solutions architecture or engineering, we can help your teams to become more effective.

Cloud Solutions Architecture

In close collaboration, our Solutions Architect will help design and deploy secure, robust applications on the cloud infrastructure of your choice. We make use of established design principles and will provide implementation guidance based on best practices throughout the lifecycle of your project.

DevOps Engineering

Our DevOps engineers are skilled developers who love to automate operations processes. While helping to develop your applications, we will help to ensure a continuous integration / delivery process is in place, and automate security, governence, and compliance. We will also deploy a monitoring, metrics and logging solution to ensure your applications run well in production.

We design and build systems you want.

Read more about how we work and our engineering philosophy. Judge for yourself, and meet our highly experienced team.


We believe in breaking down the silos between development and operations.

Our enginners engage in collaboration right from the start, and share responsibility for looking after your system over the course of its entire lifecycle. We are familiar with a wide range of automation tools, from configuration management tools such as Ansible, Salt and Chef to infrastructure as code with Terraform or Cloud Formation. Throughout the development process, we will continuously look for ways to simplify the deployment and maintainence of your systems.


We prioritize our customers, and see collaboration as key.

Our focus is always delivering great software that works, and does what it should. We understand that plans change, so we follow agile best practices to enable the greatest flexibility. We are experienced with iterative and incremental software development processes, and believe in lightweight methods that deliver client-valued functionality. We advocate pair programming, where possible, to reduce defects and improve communication.

Continuous Integration / Delivery

We rapidly develop working systems by detecting integration errors early

We ensure your system is always ready to deploy to production by integrating our work frequently using automated build tools. We automate the build pipeline from code to testing to QA to staging and then to production, so that deployment really is one click.


We find modular pieces easier to understand, develop, and test.

We architect our systems into collections of loosely coupled services, each of which does one thing and does it well. Our design principles embrace highly-available, fault-tolerant systems, which we believe can be scaled out far easier in a microservice architecture.